Why Order A Survey?

In a survey of its members in May 2008, Which? established that whilst 80% of buyers said they wanted a survey on the home they are considering purchasing, less than 20% actually get one. Whilst some people baulk at the expense, the reason the majority do not get a survey is that they mistakenly believe that the lenders valuation is a survey – WHICH IT IS NOT.

Which? found that for those people that did not get a survey, on average one in four had to spend over £2,500 to put serious defects right which would have been uncovered in a condition report. For one in ten people it was over £10,000. By contrast, those that did get a proper survey were able to negotiate a reduction in the asking price of the property that averaged £2,000.


RPSA believes that these figures should be sufficient to make those people that baulk at the price to think twice! It really does make sense to know what the condition of a property is before buying it. It's probably the biggest single asset most people ever purchase.

RPSA surveyors have been specifically trained to report on the condition of people’s homes. In particular, the new Home Condition Survey (HCS) is designed to help buyers assess the physical condition of a property to identify any defects that may cause them to seek a reduction in the asking price or even decide not to buy that particular home.

The survey comes with some features which are not normally found with other surveys:.

  • A full debrief from the surveyor who will answer any questions you may have
  • Professional Indemnity insurance which is maintained by the professional body (BRE or SAVA) that oversees the surveyor – you do not have to worry about the individual surveyor's premiums being up to date!
  • Your survey is stored in a central database and can be made available to you at any time in the future.