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The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) is a not-for-profit limited company that is directed by a council of members, all of whom are board members of the company. The council members each represent a discrete geographical part of the country and act as a point of contact for the RPSA membership in their region.

Meet our team:

Alan Milstein (Chairman)

Alan Milstein (Chairman) [Chichester]

Alan has been Chairman of the RPSA since 2012 and has overseen not only the growth of the Associations' membership, but also the development of a number of new survey products and qualifications. Since retraining as a residential surveyor in the mid-2000's, Alan has undertaken a Professional Development Diploma in Building Conservation and developed a thriving practice on the south coast specialising in surveying listed and historic homes. As well as interests in the governance and future direction of residential surveying in the UK, he has gone on to develop specialist survey writing software to help surveyors deliver consistent and professional, consumer friendly reports. In his spare time Alan is a keen runner, having completed a number of marathons, both in the UK and overseas.

Andrew McColl (Deputy Chairman)

Andrew McColl (Deputy Chairman) [Essex]

Andrew has been involved in the construction and house building industry since leaving school. He has held some senior positions, working with major construction companies and national house builders.

He is now heavily involved in developing the business panel and generating more survey instructions for our members

Andrew says: “My initial motive for wanting to join the RPSA council was to make sure that it was a just and honourable organisation. Please feel free to contact me, I would always make some time for a chat.”

Jerry Quinnell

Jerry Quinnell (Technical Director) [Kent]

Jerry has been a council member since 2013 and during that time has given presentations to the NAEA, SAVA and the SLC. He has also delivered a number of CPD training events to many RPSA members. He was part of the original strategy group for to design the Home Condition Survey following the HCR demise and more recently co-designed and co-developed the Skyline MiBS building survey software product which many RPSA folk are now using for their Building Surveys. He also supports the RPSA Website and developed the Panel Management System for the panel instructions.

Outside of work Jerry has a family with two small girls growing up way too fast. Any other time is spent playing football or cycling around the lanes.

Malcolm Hordern

Malcolm Hordern [Preston]

Malcolm became a residential surveyor after spending most of his working life in the commercial refurbishment sector. He believes every home buyer should be commissioning a Home Condition Survey (HCS) on any property they propose to purchase, even if they still have their NHBC guarantee, because according to NHBC this becomes void for the next purchaser if they have not had a survey commissioned on purchase.

Malcolm has joined the council in the hope he can successfully promote the HCS and the RPSA around the North West and to convince as many buyers as possible to use his and other RPSA members’ services.

Paul Gabel

Paul Gabel [Yorkshire]

Paul has been involved in property around 20 years now, having moved back to the UK working as part of the opening management team at the then Radisson SAS Hotel Manchester Airport. Wanting to settle down with family life, he left hotel management and focused on a love I have of 'wood' and moved into the manufacture and construction of hardwood conservatories, building a small business with several employees was a very rewarding and satisfying. During this time, Paul diversed into small scale general construction, alas the down turn in 2008 forced him to scale down the business. It was at this time, Paul re-trained and became a DEA, providing EPCs and HIPs to the general public and this started him on the path to become a surveyor. Having completed EPCs, NDEPCs, GDRs and HIPs, along with property extensions and hardwood conservatories, it became clear that Paul had a lust for buildings and looking at them objectively, it’s the fact finding and problem solving that appealed the most and here he is today, now on the RPSA council and looking forward to helping others along the journey.

Dominic Lowther

Dominic Lowther [South West]

After many years working in the business and creative industries, Dominic looked for a change in career and discovered the Sava Diploma route to becoming a residential surveyor. He found the training course to be very demanding at times but a thoroughly enjoyable experience and qualified in 2019. His particular area of interest is the building pathology of residential properties and likes nothing more than trying to assess why and how a defect exists. Based in east Devon, Dominic is very much a family man with a wife, two boys and a dog who all keep him very busy. Because he and his wife share the child (and dog) care, working as an independent surveyor suits his life balance extremely well. When the opportunity came along to become the RPSA Council member for the south west, he volunteered and embraced the challenge. Assisting with the Students support area, Dominic attends Sava course days to meet students, explain how the RPSA can help them and encourage them to sign up to become an RSPA member.

Alan McKeown

Alan McKeown

Alan is an independent surveyor based in Cheshire with a background in the damp industry. Alan spent 8 years running a damp and mould specialist company along with his Dad, before moving into Damp & Timber Surveying on a consultancy basis. In 2019 he passed the SAVA diploma in Residential Surveying and moved into Building Survey work alongside the damp surveying. Alan favours working with period property and heritage assets. Aside from surveying and carrying out further study in conservation work, Alan has a wife and two young children. His wife, Nadiah, works alongside him as administrative support.

Avril Swift

Avril Swift

Avril is based in Croydon, South London. Originally a journalist working on local newspapers, Avril worked as a reporter and subeditor before becoming News Editor of the Surrey Mirror. Just over 10 years ago she retrained as a Home Inspector and is now an independent surveyor producing both Home Condition and Building Surveys. With her keen eye for typos and ambiguous sentences, Avril has become involved in the survey report QA process. Her aim is to help surveyors produce more polished reports.

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